TouchTease BlaqVanilla

is my signature fragrance because people know how much I love the vanilla smell. The attention it draws practically makes it an aphrodisiac. It's a mix of sugar cookies and cake that makes for a real attention getter. Careful, someone might take a bite out of you. Loved by both men and women.
4oz. $10, 8oz. $18



TouchTease SkyPowder

has a light, powder, clouds in the sky, cotton fresh aroma, with a touch of sugar and amaretto. I had males in mind for using this clean fragrance, but the ladies love it just as much! It's gentle but inviting. 4oz. $10, 8oz. $18



Touchtease Tropic

blends a citrus and organic smell from papaya, sugar, and vanilla to make a bubble gum, fruity smell. Men love it too, even though I had this in mind for women. It's like when a pack of candy gets opened around you, heads will turn and you might make some new friends.
4oz. $10, 8oz. $18


NEW! SweetSandalwood™

TouchTease SweetSandalwood

is a new fragrance adding a little more unique scent to the traditional Earthy Sandalwood scents on the market. A tocuh of sugar & honey make it a scent you crave to smell on your skin. 4oz. $10, 8oz. $18


NEW! UltraLavender™

TouchTease UltraLavender

was just added by those requesting a Lavender scent but more bold than the average scent. So I made it Ultra Lavender, tweaking it to be stronger and unforgettably addictive.
4oz. $10, 8oz. $18


TouchTease by Danny



TouchTease by Danny


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