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TOUCHTease™is all natural, unrefined, whipped shea butters with unique fragrances designed by Danny, to be used by men and women, and especially couples in the romantic mood. Even Eczema sufferers have reported great relief & skin improvement using TouchTease™. It's made to get someone's attention while at the same time moisturizing your skin so that it almost glows. The butter is whipped so that it spreads fast and even. You won't be left with a thick coated surface of skin, and your ash will surely be gone.





  TouchTease by Danny



ANTON LITVINOV - Model, Revue Dancer

TouchTease User Anton Litvinov

In his words: I discovered TouchTease at Exxxotica expo in Atlantic City... Hooked ever since. You have no idea the complements we get, its crazy, "OMG you smell soo good lol". I love it just as much. Baby oil and seems to clog my pores and doesn't smell as good at all. BlaqVanilla leaves my skin nice n shiny and it's smells so seductive. I don't really know how put it in words, it's truly amazing.

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Lola Bastinado - Playboy TV Host

TouchTease User Lola Bastinado

In her words: My FAVORITE shea butter EVER!!!! Me and my husband LOVE IT! He says, "You got Mojo in that shea butter, man!!!" We get compliments all the time from people in stores asking us what is that delicious smell you are wearing? We can't leave without it.

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TOUCHTease™ is available in 5 fantastic scents


TouchTease BlaqVanilla

is my signature fragrance because people know how much I love the vanilla smell. The attention it draws practically makes it an aphrodisiac. It's a mix of sugar cookies and cake that makes for a real attention getter. Careful, someone might take a bite out of you. Loved by both men and women.
4oz. $10, 8oz. $18 - ORDER NOW



TouchTease SkyPowder

has a light, powder, clouds in the sky, cotton fresh aroma, with a touch of sugar and amaretto. I had males in mind for using this clean fragrance, but the ladies love it just as much! It's gentle but inviting.
4oz. $10, 8oz. $18 - ORDER NOW



Touchtease Tropic

blends a citrus and organic smell from papaya, sugar, and vanilla to make a bubble gum, fruity smell. Men love it too, even though I had this in mind for women. It's like when a pack of candy gets opened around you, heads will turn and you might make some new friends.
4oz. $10, 8oz. $18 - ORDER NOW


NEW! SweetSandalwood™

TouchTease SweetSandalwood

is a new fragrance adding a little more unique scent to the traditional Earthy Sandalwood scents on the market. A tocuh of sugar & honey make it a scent you crave to smell on your skin.
4oz. $10, 8oz. $18 - ORDER NOW


NEW! UltraLavender™

TouchTease UltraLavender

was just added by those requesting a Lavender scent but more bold than the average scent. So I made it Ultra Lavender, tweaking it to be stronger and unforgettably addictive.
4oz. $10, 8oz. $18 - ORDER NOW


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